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    A global job position with an impact:

    We are growing and expanding our Manufacturing Site in Mexico! In the job as Manufacturing Supervisor, you will have the opportunity to actively support the organization by meeting ensuring that our manufacturing site runs as needed to have the growth expected of the products we make in Mexico, excel in your own daily tasks and responsibilities, and experience a very varied working day in a dynamic.


    The Manufacturing Supervisor is responsible to secure leadership of all activities in manufacturing. This includes ensuring that we do the planned MO's, that we assign trained employees to the correct stations, that we produce in accordance with specifications and that we ensure the safety of all manufacturing staff. Furthermore, this position is to ensure that all employees get the support they need to solve issues and manufacture at a high standard.


    • Leading all manufacturing Employees on each shift.
    • Ensure the right decisions are always made on each shift.
    • Ensure that all employees receive the support necessary to maintain a high standard on each shift.
    • Ensure communication between shifts.
    • Walk between the lines at minimum twice per shift and ensure communication with all employees to obtain the necessary support.
    • Ensure equipment, machines and materials comply with the specifications and properly escalate issues if not.
    • Resolve conflicts between employees.
    • Treat all employees equally and with respect.
    • Capable of initiating and writing Nonconformity reports.·
    • Responsible for addressing employee concerns, escalating concerns to the proper personnel when necessary and following up with employees during this process.
    • Monitor productivity and performance levels of the team in relation to production targets and quality levels.
    • Ensures that all manufacturing support functions on the designated shift are supporting manufacturing needs in an efficient and satisfactory manner.
    • Responsible for performance management for production employees such as administering corrective actions, personnel improvement plans and appreciation for good work.
    • Conducts documented conversations with employees to address absenteeism and offer support when needed.
    •  Gives work assignments to production assemblers in accordance with the staffing plan.
    • Foster an environment of open communication with all employees.
    • Maintains product quality by enforcing organizational standards.
    • Maintains a safe and clean work environment by educating and directing personnel on the use of equipment and resources.
    • Coordinates with Manufacturing leadership on all shifts to ensure open communication and efficiency.
    • Ensure all processing steps are performed in accordance with manufacturing specifications (work orders) and production procedures.
    • Ensures that information related to quality problems or nonconforming product is communicated to those directly responsible for assuring the quality of such product or the prevention of such problems.
    • Ability to write legibly and perform written documentation in compliance with all document control procedures and GDP (Good Documentation Practices).
    • Maintain compliance with all applicable personnel policies.
    • Resolves personnel problems by analyzing data, investigating issues, identify solutions, and recommending action.
    • Ensure that time and attendance occurrences are accurately recorded on the employee’s timecards.
    • Review/correct employee timecards to ensure time is accurately recorded.
    • Ensures that production personnel are always wearing proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).
    • Evaluate each station of the manufacturing process to ensure maximum efficiency and make suggestions when applicable.
    • Ensure all manufacturing resources and assets are used efficiently and correctly.
    • Work with Quality department to implement and monitor quality awareness and improvement programs.
    • Complete a bi-weekly final review and approval of employee timecards.
    • Review and approve/deny all employee leave request in accordance with company policy by the supervisor approval deadline.
    • Communicate job expectations and coach employees.
    • Responsible to secure the needed certifications and the yearly recertifications.
    • All other duties as assigned.

    Education and Experience:

    • Bachelor’s degree in related field or experience to compensate this.
    • Five years’ experience in manufacturing.
    • Five years’ experience working in the medical device field.
    • Ability to distinguish color.
    • Ability to stand for long periods of time and walk regularly throughout the day.
    • Ability to lift, push and pull up to 50lbs.
    • Must be able to speak, read, write, and understand English.
    • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office.
    • Strong communication skills and a collaborative team-oriented mindset
    • High drive, motivation, and accountability
    • Proficient with Microsoft Office applications desired.
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills.

     Work Environment:

    This is a manufacturing facility and as a result, employees have the potential to be exposed to noise, chemicals, fumes, airborne particles, machinery, vibration, or other workplace hazards controlled within compliance of current safety and health standards.

    How to Apply:

    If you are interested in the position, then please apply as soon as possible through our recruitment system. Note that we will invite candidates for interviews on a continuous basis so no need to hesitate. This job ad will be online until Jul 31, 2024, but once we have found the right candidate, this ad will no longer be online.
    You can get more information about the job by contacting Jose Abad |

    Puesto: Manufactura

  • Información Adicional

    Tipo de contrato: Permanente
    Salario: Negociable

    Estado o Region: Chihuahua
    Ciudad: Ciudad Juarez


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