• Descripción y Requisitos

    SKILLS PROFILE Qualifications and Experience:

    Engineering degree in technical discipline strengthened by a prior work
    experience in Engineering, Production or Development field gained
    within the industrial environment, or A-Level+ 2 years minimum reinforced by
    3-year experience in an injection molding operation.

    Professional abilities:

    · Organizational skills, ability to work in a multi-disciplinary team,
    decision-making ability, analytical and synthetic thinking, rigor,
    respect for confidentiality, sense ofinitiative,
    · "Hands-on" position that plans, directs, and coordinates
    manufacturing equipment and processes to produce high quality injection
    molded product.
    · Communication skills, ability to coordinate project meetings,
    decisive regarding the targets (QCD), ability to lead feedback plans in
    case of a drift,
    · Command of office automation systems and MS Office (Portal, PDM,
    Word, Excel, PowerPoint…),
    · Ability to lead supervision of molding process technicians.
    · Command of English.

    Technical knowledge:

    · Command of Engineering and Quality tools.
    · Strong and diverse technical background in injection molding
    processing, tooling, equipment, materials, manufacturing and quality
    Product Design and Industrialization Process
    · Is member of the Project team since launching, is responsible for
    coordinating the molding efforts on new program launches, setting up
    and/or revising manufacturing processes and assisting the manufacturing
    operations in problem solving and continuous process improvements.
    · Takes part in product design to ensure the product’s feasibility
    (FMEA product, plan review,…),
    · Leads the industrialization plant, he/she conducts the tasks provided
    for in the project Quality Plan based on the current standards
    (Synoptic of manufacturing, FMEA process, control plan, specifications,
    manufacturing file, process validation, probationary series,…)
    · Ensures the industrialization planning, the allocated budget, the
    coherence of process design compared to the specifications; this is
    performed in cooperation with the Project Manager, and/or Product Line
    Industrialization Manager,
    · Participates in the technical meetings and the project reviews,
    · May be required to participate in the FMEA tools,
    · Leads the action plan of product/process development and validates
    the technical choices,
    · Responsible for maintaining the technical data of the process,
    ensuring that processes and procedures are clearly stated and
    understandable for all employees.
    · Takes an active part in the suppliers’ choices of production
    resources, in the monitoring of their execution and validates their
    · Support improvements or changes on a process during the product’s
    series production, providing technical support/solutions to
    manufacturing processes, improve yield and throughput, drive cost
    reduction activities and improve on part quality.

    · Takes an active role in building on technical knowledge and
    developing expertise within the assigned area of responsibility,
    demonstrated ability to start-up, operate and shut down process related
    injection molding equipment
    · May be required to lead a team of Process Technicians and/or carry
    out a part of their missions according to the complexity of assigned
    projects, provide technical leadership and mentorship to
    injection process technicians, operators and other molding personnel
    · Reports to the Project Manager and his/her direct line manager.
    · Implement and evaluate changes to existing processes designed to
    improve product quality, productivity and overall equipment efficiency.
    · Work with injection molding equipment and material vendors to resolve
    machine and material issues.
    · Monitor and report issues with injection molds, make recommendations
    for refurbishment based on production factors such as cycles, process
    capability and tooling history.
    · Facilitate and support facility and manufacturing safety,
    environmental, and ergonomics efforts.

    Puesto: Ingeniero

  • Información Adicional

    Tipo de contrato: Permanente
    Salario: Negociable

    Estado o Region: Chihuahua
    Ciudad: Ciudad Juarez


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