Solicita: Sr Die Casting Eng
    Descripción y Requisitos
The Manufacturing Engineering Teams are process leaders for stamping, molding or assembly related topics, ensuring the processes are running at optimum levels for quality and output. They are experts in mold tooling, die tooling, machining, and assembly techniques, possessing extensive knowledge of the associated manufacturing processes which may include the optimization and standardization of stamping / molding / assembly or other processes within the manufacturing environment. Manufacturing Engineering Teams enable the business unit plants to reach Operating Advantage (OA) requirements, roll out Centers of Excellence (COE), Best Demonstrated Practices (BDP’s) and advise plants on tool and machine duplications / corrections / improvements. They design and develop manufacturing process and automation platforms and apply them for the realization of new product developments as well as optimization of existing products already in production. The Teams also support Product Development in the selection and optimization of tools for piece part production and the selection of the most suitable manufacturing concepts relative to planned manufacturing quantities, quality requirements and manufacturing location. They act as interface between engineering and production to ensure manufacturability of new designs and smooth production ramp up as well as support the research & development teams to produce sample manufacturing equipment, product samples and prototypes.

Basic Requirements:

  • Engineering bachelor’s degree.
  • Full conversational English skill level.
  • +5 years experience aluminium inyection Die Cast
  • 100% focused on Safety and Quality
  • Experience in capacity expansion projects.
  • Experience on new projects since opportunity detection to full implementation.
  • Continuous improvement. FMEA and control plan, problem solving, OEE improvement.


  • Stamping and dies 
  • Mold, ovens, crucibles, and tooling
  • Coordinate new machinery and equipment installation.
  • Knowledge in Hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
  • Ability to define new equipment capacities and capabilities, get in contact with suppliers.
  • Thermic treatment
  • Experience developing PM routines for Die cast (Machines and Dies)

Puesto:  Administracion
    Información Adicional
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Salario:  Negociable

Estado o Region: Chihuahua
Ciudad: Ciudad Juarez


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