Solicita: Materials & Logistics Superintendent
    Descripción y Requisitos
 Bachelor's Degree in BA, Industrial Engineering 
- Experience: at least 8 years of experience in materials Management and  related field.
- SAP & Oracle systems experience and APICS certifications.
-Responsible of purchasing, production scheduling and control, inventory  and warehouse stock control, warehousing, sales order entry, customer service, traffic and/or shipping.
- Order scheduling, supply chain management, tooling sourcing, in relation to plant product ensuring no back orders for finished product and/or service parts. 
- Ability to perform purchasing functions with current suppliers that are related to the issuance of a purchase order.
- Implements JIT and demand flow techniques in production. Understands and facilitates the use of KANBAN and 5's processes to ensure the highest quality and consistency in production.
- Responsible for effectively establishing and leading an efficient finished goods warehouse operation and maintaining finished goods inventory levels using demand flow techniques. 
- Responsible for the efficient design of supply routes.
- Responsible for maintaining and controlling inventory accuracy.
- Responsible for modifying inventory levels (Minimum Balances) to support customer demands.
- Responsible for coordinating and managing all activities concerning the receipt, supply and inventory of raw material from the time it arrives at the plant until it is shipped as finished product. 
- Understands safety effectiveness and minimum product sub-assembly levels to meet finished goods demands.
- Maintain Cost inventory according to ABC inventory goals.
- Responsible for having material available for all production lines and businesses.
- Responsible for supervising material analysts and buyers.
- Ensure that direct and indirect material purchases are made according to budget and correctly.
- Responsible for managing and directing the movement of materials and/or controlling the purchasing  function within a plant or distribution facility

Puesto:  Administracion
    Información Adicional
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Salario:  Negociable

Estado o Region: Chihuahua
Ciudad: Ciudad Juarez


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