Solicita: Ingeniero Industrial Sr.
    Descripción y Requisitos
  1. Engineering Degree
  2. BILINGUAL. Spoken / Written. Be able to establish a fluid conversation.
  3. EXPERIENCE. At least 3 years of experience as Industrial Engineer – Not a Manufacturing or Process Engineer – for the Maquiladora Industry.
    1. AUTOCAD. Able to work with manufacturing processes layouts, as well as Plant’s floor changes and modifications.
    2. CYCLE TIMES. Perform analysis of time and movements in the design and improvement of workstations. Knowledge of MOST, MTM, Chronometer Analysis.
    3. ROUTINGS. Analyze manufacturing process streams to calculate standard time (hours/unit) to be fed on Cost Systems (SAP / ORACLE / Others).
    4. ERGONOMICS. Perform studies of workstations to identify ergonomic risks. Able to rate workstations as Green (Safe), Red (Unsafe), Yellow (Risk).
    5. CAPACITY. Analyze and define manufacturing processes to calculate maximum capacity. Identification of bottlenecks, operations balance, labor (operators) required, shifts needed.
    6. VSM. Clear understanding and hands on of value stream mapping processes to identify manufacturing wastes.
    7. LEAN MANUFACTURING. Knowledge and implementer of Visual Factory, Material Controls (Kanbans, Single piece flow, Inventory), definition, lead, and control of floor space areas. Define and book manufacturing standards such as signs, colors, visual aids, workstations, manuf. cells. Strict individual for 5 S’s.
    8. WORKSTATIONS DESIGN. Identify and acquires accessories, racks, and containers utilized in the production line or manuf. cells.
    9. DOCUMENTATION. Disciplined individual that keeps records of studies, evidence, and standards of continuous improvement achievements. Standardized Work and Process Instructions developing.
    10. PROCESS / PRODUCT TRANSFERENCES or MOVES. Design and work with timelines (Microsoft Project / Excel) to establish timing plan of activities and sequences to allow production lines be moved or transferred from one site to other.
    11. NEW PROGRAMS / ENGINEERING CHANGES. Knowledge of process to provide quotations for scenarios of new products or engineering changes introduction.
    1. Person able to work under pressure to promptly deliver solutions.
    2. Able to prioritize tasks per importance and urgency.
    3. Outstanding timing availability to accomplish task and projects.

Puesto:  Ingeniero
    Información Adicional
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Salario:  Negociable

Estado o Region: Chihuahua
Ciudad: Ciudad Juarez


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