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Miles de mentes innovadoras. Una fuerza impulsora

Creemos que lo que separa lo imposible de lo posible es la perspectiva. Juntos tenemos la solución. Más importante que adónde vamos, es con quién llegamos. Somos innovadores y colaborativos, valoramos el tiempo y enfocados en el futuro, y sobre todo estamos dedicados a nuestro trabajo, a nuestros clientes y a nosotros. Desde el diseño hasta la entrega, en todo el mundo, hacemos realidad las visiones compartidas. Y juntos lograremos más de lo que jamás imaginamos. Somos Plasman y somos una fuerza impulsora.

En Plasman, trabajarás con el mejor y más brillante equipo para dar forma al futuro de nuestra empresa global. Nuestros empleados provienen de ambientes donde trabajan juntos para el éxito de nuestra empresa. Con más de 4000 empleados en 24 ubicaciones, creemos que lo más impresionante que hemos construido es nuestra fuerza laboral.

Plasman, Juarez  Manufacturing – Av. Antonio J Bermúdez y Calle Ohm 8450-A
está buscando inmediatamente un nuevo miembro para unirse a nuestro equipo como:






Plan, organize and lead the New Projects, Automation, Manufacturing and Molding Process through the Engineering teams in charge of each one of these areas.  Ensure New Projects are planning and launched according with the timeline, cost effective and customer expectations.

Lead the new projects with the NPL team from project feasibility through, validation and first production runs, ensuring customer delivery timing, manage projects on budget and validation processes performance are achieved.

Manage and align the Manufacturing, Automation, Maintenance, Advance Quality and Molding Processes with the Quality Policy, APQP, and Business Plan goals.

Develop a manufacturing analysis to create new projects quotes for new business, such as manufacturing process and equipment, assemblies and tool refurbish.

Strong effective communication with Customers, develop a new projects customer presentation and timelines.

Aggressive support and collaborate with other Department Managers and Corporate Folks to meet the Launch programs, Plant targets, KPIs and customers requirements.

Develop and implementation of the Cost reduction plan and continuous improvement activities related with Manufacturing processes to achieve and improve the efficiency / productivity and maintain and increase the OEE.

Lead subordinates in accordance with Plasman Policy and Values.


Position involves contact with key or important positions, both inside and outside the company requiring considerable resourcefulness, tact and a thorough knowledge of complex company policies, practices, and procedures.

Constant internal contact with sales, estimating, tool design, advanced quality engineering, metrology, process engineering, manufacturing engineering and operational teams at all Plasman Manufacturing locations.

Regular external contact with both customers and suppliers (when apply) to develop positive relationships focused on future growth and partnerships.


  • Responsible for development and execution of project management systems that complete projects within established schedules and budgets, while meeting performance requirements.
  • Responsible to develop and maintain an overall project tracking system that follows key milestones and financial aspects of all current projects.  This system also to be used to understand individual and departmental workload tracking.
  • Responsible to develop, track and create actions around key performance metrics within the NPL program management group.  At a minimum these include on-time delivery, financial performance and performance on program launch within the operational facilities.
  • Ensure proper project feasibility practices are in place and followed to allow the best opportunity for Plasman and customer success on all new programs.
  • Make certain that the project teams are performing proper project kick-off processes to ensure timeliness and proper communication at the inception of all new programs.  Complete communication needs to be developed with both internal and external touch points.
  • Ensure that the project qualification phase of all NPL programs is closely adhered to and continuously improving our ability to reduce timing and/or cost of the qualification process.
  • Make certain that there is a proper project review process in place and adhered to for all NPL programs to ensure proper launch is executed for Plasman facility.
  • Responsible for daily communication meetings that covers the major aspects of the upcoming projects (sampling, metrology, etc…) and addresses any conflicting priorities amongst program managers.
  • Responsible to ensure the NPL program management teams are adhering to all IATF/ISO requirements and continually improving our processes to become more efficient.
  • Work closely with Tooling Managers to evaluate existing molds for potential process or tooling improvements that will increase productivity without compromising quality. Implement changes based on cost / benefit ratio.
  • Ensure that all Process Personnel documented all pertinent information and changes for all established and developmental cycles.
  • Oversee development of specification and operation manuals as they relate to work cell layouts using ergonomic techniques.
  • Assist with trouble shooting molds, presses, and auxiliary equipment and recommend changes or repairs when productivity is affected.
  • Assist and oversee new technology and techniques of molding and evaluate new materials for Plasman’s knowledge and per customer requests.
  • Assure that the procedures and work instructions are updated from the Process Engineering department activities related to processes, mold corrections, & continuous improvement.
  • Create and maintain all IATF and PPAP documentation.
  • Maintain all Engineering Department manuals, work instructions, and procedures.
  • Approve all requests for plastic resin samples and changes at Plasman Juarez Manufacturing.
  • Keep Plasman Manufacturing Plant on the cutting edge by working with production, tooling, and engineering on new and future technology.
  • Recommend hire, termination, transfer, promotion; train and instruct in SPC, Excellence Process and technical aspect of all areas of responsibility. Review employee performance and efficiency and recommend salary increases. Handle employee concerns.
  • Work and Coordinate with Sales all the Plasman and customers concerns regarding ECN, tool refurbish due to life shelf and quality and project issues and opportunities to assist the Customers.
  • Ensure ordering of any required capital equipment is integrated into new project determined on the process equipment definition through a capital request, PAR.
  • Ensure that the critical dimensions and methods of measurement are all identified and agreed to early in the project.
  • Coordinate any required meetings from feasibility through pre-production. Insure people come with appropriate information. Make follow-up assignments to people.
  • Schedule molding machines for new tools validations TOR, with maximum notice.
  • Ensure required sample material and inserts are available when needed, coordinate with purchasing.
  • Update and publish project schedules.
  • Communicate promptly with management and customer when there is a risk of a project being late and plan to reduce the impact with customer.
  • Manage the Plant project budget, such as ECN, tool refurbish, repairs, etc.
  • Recommend when a tool should be accepted by manufacturing.
  • Provide input for improvements to the project management system.
  • Apply Plasman Guiding Principles while carrying out job responsibilities.
  • Maintain historical documentation of all existing projects and related equipment as it pertains to tools and manufacturing.
  • Lead the Automation department for secondary operations equipment and process, such as electric tester, leak tester, Hot plate, Vibration, Ultrasonic welding.
  • Determine whether to source to build and automation system, repair, or major revision work in-house or to outside supplier to meet the launching of new projects.
  • Conduct the Molding Plant Capacity Analysis by quarter and when a new potential project is in a quotation process.  Also perform the Capacity for the secondary equipment to improve the processes and to confirm available capacity as well for new projects.
  • Perform the Manufacturing Risk Assessment and Equipment Process Definition, with all 6-operation sequence.
  • Manufacturing Equipment and Tooling Cost.
  • Conduct the 5 Phases analysis for APQP for the new projects.
  • Look for equipment availability and cost to included on the new projects and PAR request.
  • Other duties as assigned as required.
  • Participate con the development of new molds designs, mold revisions, and proto-type molds on first and subsequent tryouts.
  • Utilize state of the art methods to ensure robust processes are developed for each new program.  This includes a wide range of statistical tools including designed experiments (DOE), capability studies, cause and effect analysis, and others as appropriate.



Engineering Degree on any field; Industrial, electromechanical, mechanical, etc.


  • 10 years of experience on the Plastic Injection Molding Industry and manufacturing
  • Advance mold design & function
  • Plastic resin processing characteristics
  • Customer 8D’s responses
  • Molding Machine functions
  • SMED Implementation.
  • Automation Knowledge
  • Scientific Molding, Statistics and design of experiments DOE, SIM’s
  • Implementation of SPC, Cavity Pressure systems to avoid and resolve quality issues.
  • World class manufacturing principles such as TPM, Kaizen, Continuous improvements and 5’s
  • NPL & transfer projects support and managing.
  • ISO IATF 19469, VDA 6.3, AIAG Core Tools, and ISO 14001 Knowledge and support.
  • GD&T Knowledge


  • Plastic molding technology                                 
  • High Knowledge and Advanced mold design & function.                
  • Plastic resin processing characteristics.                       
  • Molding machine functions
  • Automation concepts, design, integration,                                          
  • Equipment and labor Cost Analysis, budget administer.                                        
  • High communication skills Spanish, English (verbal and written).     
  • SPC and Inspection Technology Statistics and design of experiments    
  • Problem Solving tools and focus.
  • World Class Manufacturing principles
  • Administrative & organizational skills, internal
  • GD & T Experience                                               

Miles de mentes innovadoras. Una fuerza impulsora

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