Solicita: Engineering Assistant Manager
    DescripciĆ³n y Requisitos

      I.        Job Summary:

  1. This position is responsible to manage the activities of the process engineers to develop, implement, maintain, and improve the assembly processes as well as to the electrical test engineer in relation to the test equipment for all new and current products being built. It includes process documents and assembly and test equipment.
  2. Also provides technical support to the manufacturing area to ensure total customer satisfaction providing process to build defect free products. Participates to permanent solve the internal and external failures with effective corrective actions when the defect is originated in process, thinking in the poka yoke methodology whenever possible.

  1. Primarily Job Responsibilities:.

  1. Coordinate the new products introduction  

1.1.   Hold technical meetings or conference call with sales and engineering people when a new product/model is to be quoted per customer request.

1.2.   Gather the below information to develop the assembly process:

1.2.1. Customer specifications.

1.2.2. Customer drawings.

1.2.3. Nidec engineering specifications.

1.2.4. Estimated annual usage or daily contracted capacity of the product.  

1.2.5. DFMEA.

1.3.   Lead the manufacturing team to develop the assembly process, rom assembly stations to the process documents. The team would include as minimum the process engineer, electrical test engineer, quality engineer, production supervisor and maintenance engineer.

1.4.   Verify that each assembly process ensures the proper assembly by a poka yoke whenever possible.

1.5.   Coordinate the assembly process of the engineering samples (prototype, validations, etc) and customer samples requested for the different MDR events until the product is PPAP approved.

1.6.   Ensure all SRV valves are being followed up in the GQTS system and document evidence properly stored at each stage of the launching process.

1.7.   Verify the new assembly line is Installed and released on time and with the proper controls to ensure quality product defect free.

1.8.   Confirm the installed capacity meets the customer daily demand with a RR event per the GM requirements.

  1. Line Balance development and control

2.1.   Ensure the standard time of the assembly process is calculated or established by using a method of pre-determined times and the cycle time at each station is able to meet the takt-time to meet customer demand.

2.2.   Verify the efforts made to balance each station and have an even process are been made. Follow up the action plans made to improve the line balance when cycle times are not even.

  1. Development and control of the process documents

3.1.   Ensure all process documents are up to date accordingly when an engineering change or process change is implemented.

3.2.   Process Documents includes the following:

3.2.1. Process Flow Chart

3.2.2. PFMEA

3.2.3. Work Instructions

3.2.4. Visual Aids

3.3.   Follow up the annual plan to update the PFMEA of each product assembly line. Ensuring the analysis of failure mode is being conducted and the action plans out of the analysis are concluded.

3.4.   Ensure work instructions identification number meets the nomenclature and correlates to flow chart and PFMEA.

  1. Testing process verification

4.1.   Verify all product characteristics are being tested along the assembly and test process.

4.2.   Lead the validation of test equipment before the release process; making sure the equipment pass the R&R process and providing the calibration method to metrology department.  

  1. Participate with corrective actions for quality issues.

5.1.   Provide effective solutions for internal and customer defects caused by the assembly process

5.2.   Help on the root cause analysis lead by quality department when internal or external defects are found.

5.3.   Participate on meetings, conference calls with customer when necessary to explain the modification to the assembly/test process for corrective actions.

  1. Promote the continuous improvement.

6.1.   Promote the continuous improvement thru kaizen activities.

6.2.   Strive to meet the plant goals in productivity and efficiency thru action plans on the different metrics of the operation.

  1. Take responsibility stated for this position in the procedures and work instructions of the quality system.

7.1.   Assure compliance of activities defined in the procedures and work instructions.

7.2.   Make periodical revisions of the procedures and work instructions before due or earlier as required.

7.3.   Propose improvements to the process and procedures owned in the quality system.

  1. Take responsibility stated for this position in the records retention 

8.1.   Assure records established to provide evidence of conformity to requirements are controlled and available.

  1. Take responsibility of all documentation related to its position of the quality system.

9.1.   Assure that customer requirements are determined and are met with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction.

9.2.   Assure that customer requirements are met according with their area of influence.

10.  Take responsibility stated for this position of all audits performed to the Quality Management System related to its role.

10.1.Support performing LPA's Audits 

11.  To comply with the safety policy at all the time.

11.1.Develop the assembly process according to the Nidec safety standards to keep the physical integrity of the people working around the assembly lines.

11.2.To report to the medical department any incident or accident.

11.3.To follow the ergonomics recommendations.

12.  To comply with the environmental policy at all the time.

12.1.According to the environmental program department, follow up and respect the environmental general guidelines

12.2.To contribute the achievement of the environmental goals and objectives

   III.        Competences required to perform the job (functional and interpersonal skills):

  1. Knowledge of APQP process per AIAG standard.
  2. MSA AIAG knowledge
  3. Line balance knowledge
  4. IATF 16949 knowledge and experience
  5. BIQ knowledge
  6. PFMEA knowledge and experience
  7. Basics of statistical control techniques
  8. Natural leadership skills
  9. Project management
  10. Results oriented, with good communication skills.
  11. Self-motivated person.
  12. Team work attitude.

   IV.        Education:

  1. Bachelor in Electronic or Mechatronics Engineering 
  2. English 90% spoken and writing

    V.        Work Experience:

  1. 5 years of experience in the automotive industry
  2. 3 years of experience as engineering leader

   VI.        Certifications / Training:

  1. Six sigma green belt certified
  2. Training on Lean techniques

 VII.        Accountability and Authority of the position:

  1. Stop the assembly line when a safety and/or quality issue is found according to ANDON system.
  2. Approval of engineering and process changes

VIII.        One of the responsibilities of all employees is to contribute to the conservation of the environment (ISO 14001), through:

Generally responsibility as an individual contributor:

  1. Report water or oil leaks in machines to the EHS department.
  2. Report the lack of environmental badges to the EHS department.
  3. Turn off equipment when they are not being used, includes offices if applicable.
  4. Dispose correctly without mixing of Hazardous and Non-hazardous waste (Cardboard, plastic, etc).
  5. Respect the quality rules at all times to reduce the generation of scrap.

   IX.        Serves as a Member of the following teams, Committees or Special Groups:

  1. Team for development of assembly lines for new products.
  2. Team for Internal and external (customer) problem resolution.

Puesto:  Ingeniero
    InformaciĆ³n Adicional
Tipo de contrato: Permanente
Salario:  Negociable

Estado o Region: Chihuahua
Ciudad: Ciudad Juarez


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